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About Us

We met in 1987 which means that we ourselves know the path of a committed relationship. Which can be characterised by phases: being in love, discovering parents, individual development, focus on career and finding each other. In retrospect difficult moments appeared to have contributed to a deepening of our relationship.

The willingness to grow is as essential as love and intimacy itself. This creates a growth not only of oneself but also of the relationship; surprising each other time after time. An 'exceptional marriage' is not a fairy tale relationship, but a relationship in which partners show the willingness to take emotional risks necessary for further opening and growth.

Linda Bresser-Dekker (1962)

Following a career in the banking industry I switched to working with people. Core energetic therapy helped me reconnect to my true self and to follow my passion.

I enrolled the four year professional program at NICE in Nijmegen to become a core energetic therapist. Furthermore I have trainings in Intuitive Growth, Vipassana Meditation, Voice Liberation, Trauma Release, Tantra, Respectful Confrontation, Family and Organization Constellations and Couples Therapy (EFT, Embodied Couples Mentoring and Phoenix). And the postgraduate Radical Aliveness in Mexico for working with groups. 

In this work I find it essential to be open, loving and honest. Clear and right from my heart! For my personal website visit:

Rob Bresser (1964)

After my graduation I started a business career. I came in touch with body-oriented therapy due to a burn out. This is how I myself noticed the importance of being in balance with my body and mind.

I studied Buddhism and graduated as a core energetic therapist from the ICE in New York. In this four year program the integration of body, mind and emotion is leading. I also participated in various trainings and workshops e.g. Vipassana Meditation, 'Meesterschap in Contact', Tantra, Voice liberation, Radically Alive Leadership, Constellations, Respectful Confrontation and Couples Therapy (EFT, Embodied Couples Mentoring).

I work with integrity, passion and empathy. For my personal website please visit: