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Couples Therapy

Every relationship benefits from extra focus once in a while, just like everything else. Fact is that in every love-relationship partners start to relate to each other in fixed patterns at some time. These fixed patterns reduce spontaneity, creativity and intimacy in the relationship.

You either start to live alongside each other or enter into more conflict. This becomes a repeating 'dance' and the only way out is with professional support.


We guide you in this process giving you insight in the specific patterns in your relationship and also insight in underlying feelings and emotions. As a result you feel your own grounded strength and you can really see your partner: Love will flow again!

By undertaking this together you turn your relationship into an Exceptional Relationship (Exceptional Marriage).

"The couples therapy has been a gift for our relationship."

- E&J

"We feel more at ease and more happy than ever before. Thanks!"


"You two are a very strong partner-team"

- MvN

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