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What we offer

Supporting couples is what we do: with love, integrity and our own experiences. As every relationship is unique we like to hear your story and your wishes.


We guide couples together for more balanced work. Apart from talking we may also ask you to do an specific exercise together which helps you to get more in touch with your body. It also helps you to see and understand certain (unconscious) reactions of yourself or your partner. This approach has a clear advantage which is confirmed by the feedback we get from most couples.


Both of us are certified EFT therapists (Emotionally Focussed couples Therapy) and certified in Embodied Couples Mentoring (ECM). The approaches of EFT and ECM are in line with our training as body-oriented psychotherapists (core-energetics). We were trained internationally, both in The Netherlands and in the United States.

Our office is a nice and quite place in the city of Haarlem. The fee is € 180 for a 90 min. session and € 90 for the first meeting of one hour. It is possible for us to work via video call if distance is an issue.

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